A Healthier You… A Healthier Child

Ways to make you healthier:

1.) Eating Healthier
Portion control is one great way to help you remain and stay healthy. This can be done by:
a. Assessing the correct portion size verses serving size of the foods you eat
b. Don’t skip meal- try small energy boosting meal between breakfast and lunch and lunch and dinner.
c. Measuring and weighing
d. Try portion controlled plates
Eating healthy can lead to a more fulfilled life. Fulfilled in the sense of knowing you are taking care of your body and providing it with the necessary nutrients it needs.

2.) Exercise
Research recommends exercising daily. Results prove that exercise:
a. Improves your mood
b. Helps manage weight gain
c. Boost energy
d. Combats health diseases and complications and
e. It can be fun
Exercise can reap awesome benefits, as we noted from the list above. I agree personally with the list because I’ve experience it daily. My exercise routine is vigorous and afterwards I feel drained, but once I shower and prepare for my day, I feel on top of the world, confident in my ability to conquer life. Posing in every mirror or window I passed ;-). When you can take part in looking beautiful, and knowing you are decreasing your chances of getting any family medical issues will cause you to see exercise in a different light. Following a healthy routine can make you feel good inside and out.

3.) Connect Socially
As humans, we are social beings which are evident through our memberships in various organizations, ability to form families and create that circle of friends. Having these connections helps a person feel that sense of belonging. Most people, at some point in their life, desire a relationship with someone whom they can relate, share and bond with. ASM provides that channel where friendship can form and bonds are made. If you ever feel disconnected or you long for a person to chat with ASM is here to help.

Not only can committing to a healthier “U”……your child/ren can benefits from your live style. Children come into the world as clean slates wanting to be filled. It is our job as “Ambitious” mothers to go above and beyond to ensure they receive the proper information and instructions. It begins with recognizing God has chosen to entrust you with a precious life, and then ensuring they see you as positive role model in their life. Just when we think our children doesn’t take notice, Oh believe me…..they have the whole script programmed. With that said let’s create within our children and selves a healthy lifestyle routine. “It can be done and we can do it”!

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