It Can Be Useful…

Have you ever found yourself needing a resource (of any kind) that wasn’t readily available to you? Resources such as childcare, summer care, discount amusement park tickets, rental or housing needs. Whatsoever the resource was or is…it just wasn’t available to you when you needed it…

Here at ASM we have learned a lot through the stages of motherhood and we still are learning as time goes on. In our learning, we grasped to never let anything slip away from you. This means grabbing any and all written literature, brochures and or flyer. Many times we may pass by certain information because we believe we don’t need it, but in actuality it can be useful later on. These resources can be found in libraries, grocery receipts, childcare center, newspaper and even your child/ren school. These printed resources can help you research & locate ideas and point you in the direction of things you are looking for. It is also sometimes helpful to ask the parents within the facility your child attends; they too may have vital information. We also find it helpful to have on a listening ear at all times because people can bring about information and resources as they talk near and around you, such as the radio. You are encouraged to utilize all the tools you have, to obtain everything you may need. Most times things can be used, it will inquire your creative mind which will make things work for you when others don’t see it your way.

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