Keeping it Positive…

Many times as a single mother, we encounter so many things and the inside of us are crying out for help. Many times we long for someone to just recognize all that we do then say “I see your efforts…. keep up the awesome work or at least offer to sit with the kids while we relax. You are not alone so many single mothers go through this everyday, but we must realize the God knows our struggle and has great plans for our lives. It is easy to focus on the negative, but how about switching that focus to positive. I often find myself thanking God for the awesome hurdles He has seen me through because it was only by His grace that I made it.

Know that it is ok and that I understand. Also understand that things and situations could be worst off. A couple of years ago, we I seen my physician, they explain to me the issue and what it could’ve been….from that day I made a conscience decision to change my actions to ensure life afterwards would be much better off. As I drove home, God began to talk to me, letting me know things could have been worst. I thanked Him because the issue was caught before it developed to a persistent disease and for Him caring for me when I wasn’t thinking the right way.

Another way we have to keep life positive is by being content where we are and having faith that greater is in store for you and your child. God wants us to believe in Him that He will carry out every promise made to us. Just think…..research says “we must drink nine cups of water a day”. This seems simple but it goes to show you that even though we don’t get that amount God is continuously keeping us…in spite of. .

In summation, keep your thoughts positive, have faith and know your best has yet to come. God sees your struggle and will bless you accordingly. Prayer helps and allows God to know your struggle, meditation and yoga are awesome. Take that time to yourself and enjoy it. Remember, remember KEEP IT POSITIVE!

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