Reducing the Stress…

It has been laid on my spirit to create this page. As a mother, I am aware of the load we have, which can become overwhelming at time. I don’t believe a mother intentional overloads herself, could be that we want things to right and perfect. This is all good, but we must learn to effectively manage our loads to continue to care for and raise our children. Below I have listed a few techniques to help us all reduce our stress and lead healthier lives.


1. Think About Self – From research we found many moms struggles with this. We always thinking of how make things right for everyone but ourselves. When we do this, we are drained almost instantly. Why? Because we are putting more out and not filling our mental, physical or emotional needs. In order for us to care for children and families we must make sure we are replenishing our needs as they are used.

2. Learn to Say “NO” – This is a good one, if I might add. Why? Because something we want to do it all and show others that we can. When we learn say no, we take back the control of our life and have more time for self (and family). In implementing this technique, know that it may seem hard but practicing makes perfect. It’s not to be mean, it’s for you to reduce your stress levels and have control over your life.

3. Practice Mini Relaxations – This technique requires awareness of self. Know when you are overloading yourself, know when it’s time for a break, know when your body is begging for rest. You can start off by recognizing your breathing pattern and controlling it. Subconsciously we sometimes don’t recognize our breathing. You may also want to incorporate a peaceful visual story in your mind. This will help take all things off your mind and relax your body.

4. Find Humor In The Little Things – Personally this is a favorite. Laughter is good for the soul! Life is short and knowing that we must look for humor and take advantage of it. I encourage you to find what makes you laugh and be entertained to the max.

5. Take a Walk / Exercise – This is a great way to reduce stress because it allows you to focus on your health, your abilities and the scenery. If you choose, find a partner to join you.

6. Count Your Blessings – Showing God you are grateful opens other opportunities for you to be blessed. Being thankful for…. food on your table, a loving family, a home to sleep, hearing your baby cry or even hear your child talk to you, having arms to hold and hug your child, they are all blessings. While such list may fit most, find your blessings and count them . We are all blessed and highly favor!

I pray these techniques find you well. Remember that in order for us to care of other we must start with self, replenishing what we put out. Stay stress free….on purpose 🙂

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