The Joy of Being a Parent…

Being a parent is the best gift given by God. It starts with the bonding stage with the child as the mother carries the child through the nine months until birth and on to making loving and fun memories. Children are a true blessing from our Father, God. Just take a moment to think… has the child/ren helped enhance the person you are, in what situation has the child helped change your perspective, when you look back where or what would you being doing had God not placed these children in your care? For many God has placed a child in their care and has helped them grow into the strong woman you see today, children helps us focus more on a healthy and active lifestyle, children show us how to love beyond the common mistakes. I am proud to say that being a parent has been the most exciting joy of my life. We all have our moments but honestly those moments go quickly because we realize we don’t have time to lose focus while our child is depending on us. Being a parent means more laughs and enjoyable moment; from park days, picture perfect moment to tucking them in at night. Year after year you notice the growth of your child and confidently say my child listens and respects the teaching of her mom. Also as a parent, we get all the kisses and hugs from our little ones….and those kisses and hugs are the best. There is so much to enjoy about being a parent that it pushes down the issues we encounter.

Enjoy your blessing and watch the world opportunity flourish beyond your imagination.

One thought on “The Joy of Being a Parent…

  1. Children truly are a gift from God that is why when we named our boys we made sure that one of their names meant gift from God as a reminder that we were blessed with each life and mch treat it as the present God meant it to be. In our busy lives trying to provide we as parents forget to take the time to enjoy the blessings before us. We need to put work aside and the smartphones down and just enjoy our children because soon they will all grown.


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