Space to Grow…

So as we know, school will be up and running in no time. Many children are excited and parents are rejoicing too :~). Many kids had on their mind their first day of school outfit, whose class they will be in and the awesome new friendships they will form etc.

Some children have the opportunity to have options of how they will get to school; school bus, walk with friends or parents driving them. While these options are amongst most households other scary thoughts arise as well.

Now my love angel will be starting her first year in public school and to be quite honest…….I’m a bit frightened. Now some may think, what could bother the parent of this transition if the child is super excited. Well… see, my love angel has the options of catching the schoolbus or being dropped off, uh…..walking is not an option to young. The scary part is allowing her to catch the schoolbus. Scary because i am unsure of how she would adapt to it plus I don’t want her to feel alone if a problem arise and not have me to rescue her. She is the only child, grandchild, and niece, so loosen the grip is very hard. I know that loosening the grip a bit will help her sprout as a beautiful person she is. I also believe riding the bus will allow her space to further grow and develop.

The decision to be made is a difficult one. If you were face with this same decision what might do you? What would be your thought process? I would love to hear from you.

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