Striking that Balance…


So I’m sitting here, browsing the net when my daughter tell me about school and her friends. And I listen, then she becomes emotional about the recent change of school. As she explains, my heart began to ache. Ache because I’m wondering am i missing something. When she comes out of school she smiling from ear to ear, but right now her heart is speaking….

As single mothers, we have to create that balance between work, life, the kids and ourself. We must also make sure the choice we make is one of the best for our situation. Never is this choice easy, but when you invite God into your areanas of life, He will fix it the way you need it to be.

1. Prayer
Start by taking time out to pray to God, making it known your need of Him. Our Lord love to hear from us and is waiting to lift our heavy burdens. He will help us prioritize all that we juggle with. This step is important because “seeking His kingdom first”, He then adds all other things.

2. Faith
The bible tells us to have faith the size of a mustard seed. It also tells us that it is impossible to move God without faith. Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. God wil transform your life, just believe!

Let’s all commit to taking time out to strike the balance we and our kids need. Lets take time to listen and recognize the signs they are sending out. Our children grow rapidly so we need to cherish the precious moment while we have the chance.

ASM understands and want to reach out to all single mothers young and older to support them in their motherhood. If you know a single mother, be a blessing and share our blog info. We are here to uplift and strength because we know how it can be.

ASM Info:
-Find us and become a fan on FB: Jennifer Jones (Ambitious Single Mothers )

When we pull together and work together we can make things happen! Until next time stay inspired.

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