Grateful…..I Say


So i have been thinking about single motherhood and everything that comes along with it. From not having the support needed to wishing we didn’t have to leave our little one to work. Yeah, work is needed but if we had it our way, some of us would prefer working from home or even the ability to take our child along to work. When we speak of a lack of support, the range is different for each of us. One may face not being able to earn extra cash because there’s no one to pick up or watch their child for that time. Any who, we all could probably list a million and one “not so right” things in our life but let’s take a time out from that. After all our children are watching how we handle situations and problems…let them view something different.

So although things are not like we desire, we must adjust the lens a bit and actually take notice of things we are over looking that is not so bad:
1. Kid/s are doing exceptionally well in school
2. You are working
3. You are going to school
4. You are looking for better opportunities for you and the family
5. You have chose to accept the job until something better comes along
6. We are making certain our child/ren has a meal to eat every day and throughout the day

Small or big, we have to appreciate our journey and efforts. God puts no more on us than we can bear, so know if you have it on you, God knew you could handle it!

I’m personally grateful I am able to see my child off to school and pick her up from school everyday. I’m grateful she is happy at her new school and making friends. Most of all I’m grateful because EVERYDAY I pick her up she has the biggest smile on her face! That lights up my heart.

Share with us your joys of motherhood single and how you are grateful, we will love to hear from you.

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