Managing Your Emotions

imagesSo I was having a conversation with a client and she mentioned she was angry. Then she goes on to further say…You can’t help me with me with everything. So I explained to her that she can’t tell another what they are not capable of doing or not doing, in reference to helying her. I then suggested that she share her concerns. As she shared, i actively listened to understand the hidden hurt.

Many times we find ourselves dismissing alternative solutions that we never tried and/or don’t now if it can actually work. Which bring me to my first point:
*Try something new- keyword “try” it doesn’t hurt to try…trying helping you learn what you are capable of accomplishing. And another thing to note is just because you tried it once before and it didn’t work doesn’t mean you will get the same result….the knowledge gained between the first time and the second is greater, which puts you at a better chance of accomplishing “it”

My client was saying “oh this would not work” but when I asked her if she tried it the anewer was no.  

*Ask Yourself- ask yourself in what ways will this anger benefit me, or my family or my closest friends. No benefits = no time of my day. Remember as mother we are the ones holding down our fort and we need energy to that.

*Take a Step…Take a Breath- how do they say it….WOO -SAH and realize what is trying to anger you is really trying to rob you of life. Reverse those emotions by understanding 1. Life happen whether it’s on your terms or not, which mean you have to accept the good as well as the bad (not allow the bad to overtake you)  2. Focus on the big picture (i.e. that may be your child, your new job, your peace of mind and body)

*Reach Out- to someone, to your God, to your support group…such avenues have the ability to help you see through a different lens and to uplift you.

In managing our (I’m not exempt) emotions we must incorporate positivity to help bring us through the rough moments. I’ve learned to keep pushing, pass the hurt, because there’s a bigger goal…a bigger goal than the moment I am in. I’ve also learned “what affects me, affects my child”, so straighten up is what I would tell myself (positive self-talk goes a long way).


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