More Than Enough




Hey everyone. I hope all has been well, just complete my first semester of grad school. I think it went pretty well. It was a lot of work for a person with 2 job, a child and an emerging business. But I believe things worked out well. Just a briefly update since my M.I.A.

So I am sitting here waiting to pick my daughter up from school and a group of older (than my daughter) walks pass my car. It’s about three of them and they are having a nice conversation. I was listening enough to hear them but not ear hustling at all. Any who, one of the girls said “can you believe it, my parents only gave me 1 gig of data, they are mean”. When I heard this I was more than shocked I was “super shocked”. While shocked, i was looking at the little girl from head to toe, why? Her clothes were clean and decent, her shoes were nice not running over overall she looked well taken care. One of my thoughts were what will it take for children of this generation to be grateful and satisfied with what they DO HAVE? Clearly this child had everything a child living in a shelter could want and dream of: decent clothes and shoes and on top of that a cell phone.

I just want to throw something in the air: are we giving our children to much material things? Are we teaching our children how grateful they are to have ALL THEY HAVE? It is very understandable and ok for a child to understand that although they dont have everything a TV star child has they still have more than a lot of children. Our children have to be must understand we parents work hard to give them the things they needs while providing any of the things they want. Our children must learn to appreciate all that is afforded to them and how it is they recieved it.

Let’s make it our duties as parents to help our children be grateful for everything they have. It is also important for us to inform our children to be thankful to God the blessings He gives. Some are less fortunate than others and don’t have what we are fortunate to have and it is good for kids to understand that.

This season let’s make a commitment to sow into someone life, creating memories of happiness and joy in their heart. Allowing the children to participate will place them in the spirit of giving. Our children will also experience the joy of making someone happy just as they like to be happy.

2 thoughts on “More Than Enough

  1. I have had some of the most profound moments as a parent sitting in the car waiting for my children. Like you listening to the conversations of other children have made me realize what I did not want my sons to become. At the beginning of the school year I saw one little girl coming out of the school complaining to her friends that her mom only got her a iPhone 6 when she wanted another iPhone 6XL like the one her dad got her. She wanted to have them both matching but now she had this little phone. I was in complete shock. This little girl had not one but 2 iPhones but she was not grateful. This is not the only child at my kids school with multiple phones so it a weird trend. I put it on the parents. As parents we have got to do a better job of parenting and raising our children.


    • I totally understand your point. Sometimes parents get so caught up in the famous saying “I want to give my kids a better life than I had” and they lose sight of the values being instilled into a child who has everything but appreciates nothing. I believe all parents will come to a new realization in 2016, such realization will benefits the children in other ways greater than monetary gifts. Thanks for your feedback.

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