As You Approach the Finish Line



These last past weeks have been pretty heavily loaded…but I’m thankful i lived to this moment to share it. From school, to work, to family I have been tied in a triple knot. It just seem like once I got one thing off my plate another thing was added. Every where I turn, seem like something is occupying my time…and to be honest “I’m tired”! And yes we are entitled to be tired…with our ambitious selves 🙂 We work hard and we would be fooling ourselves if we didn’t accept that we can get tired. The magic to it all is “continuing to move forward” after your relaxation and rejuvenation period.

With all that has happened and all that is going on, please know “this is a signal” that you are closer to the finish line than you imagined. Life tends to have a tight grip on you when you are months or even weeks away from “that goal” you have been working so hard to accomplish. This is normal. Boldly taking a stance and facing life challenges places you in an extraordinary group. A rare group of people who DECIDED success is my outcome.

You are doing awesome, keep it positive and smile because you are approaching your finish line.

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