Step by Step

110So i am here thinking about my child during the stages she was learning how to walk. I remember she would crawl…stop then attempt stand. As time progress she gained confidence and was able to maintain a stand. I was proud, she was proud and I could see it in her little “stand dance”. Time began to move along and before I knew it, she was taking a step. Excited as a mom because my baby is reaching her growth milestone…God thank you. One of the best points to this message is, although she wasn’t walking like a pro, she continued to improve EVERY CHANCE SHE WAS GIVEN. That’s similar to how we must act concerning our life and goals. Everything will not be perfect in the beginning. Every puzzle piece may not fit. And every attempt mat not fall threw but we must continue to take ALL OUR STEPS. I’m letting you know today, that every step you take and every effort you put towards your dream, if you don’t give up, you will achieve it. The bible states that “I can do all things through Christ”, which mean He has and will continue to empower us to do as He has destined us to do. So start your day knowing that you are empowered, by God, to achieve high. Where ever you find yourself, just start and for many of us continue to take those steps, your desired outcome is near.

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