It’s Achievable

We are all great people with great God given talents and gifts. It is to no wonder that we can achieve what we put our mind to. Have you ever felt compelled to jump and not no where you’ll land? Or better put, have you ever just wanted to “just do it” like Nike suggested? Well that is awesome and it improves you have a gift and/or talents to share with the world.

Why not spread your wings like an eagle and fly?

…I get it, the fear of the unknown is frightening or for a very few, the fear of success is scary.images

Guess what ASM totally understand, BUT….it’s very much achievable.

When counteracting thoughts lead you in the opposite direction of YOUR ordained destination, cancel them out. While canceling them out think about your little ones (or your big ones 🙂 future and how YOUR ARE THEIR ROLE MODEL. This process alone will help you understand your role as well as give you strength to do such a task! Allow your Savior coupled with your child/ren to strengthen you. This literally means allowing time to meditate, think and plan. How can I contribute to making life desirable and fulfilling for myself and my kids? What avenues must I travel to get there? How long (this can be a counterproductive thought…so this don’t matter, just get started!

There is a reason those thoughts of success came to your mind. There’s a reason the talent/gift was given to you. There’s a reason you were chosen to carry out such. God believed in you from the start…now believe in yourself, take the step and know IT IS ACHIEVABLE!

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