Together is Better

20150822_174033Oh how wonderful it is to have a child/ren! It just makes life better in every way. Your life goals become more alive and now you can fulfill those goals with a greater purpose! If that doesn’t lift your spirit and channel your focus…keep reading I am sure we’ll be on similar pages soon.

Children bring you into a whole new perspective of life. For us here at Ambitious Single Mother’s, Inc it has been, metaphorically speaking, our star at the top of our Christmas tree, our gravy to Turkey, our butter to our toast, our cheese to the macaroni…it has been awesome…we have someone who
1. Loves us just as we are
2. We can give all our love to
3. We can give and get all the hugs and kisses
4. We can enjoy lunch with
5. We can take to dinner
6. We can celebrate all year round
7. Celebrates us even when we don’t feel worthy
8. We care for unconditionally
9. We can teach about life
10. We are proud of
11. We put all our efforts into making sure needs are met
12. We nourish from birth into adulthood
13. We can spend the holidays with
14. We can wake up to every morning
15. Looks at us as advisers and problem solvers (the amazing part, about this is…sometimes we don’t have the answers, but then God helps us)
16. We take on vacation
17. Is part of the reason we work hard
18. We showcase to the world through pictures and a variety of social media platforms
19. Lights up our world of
20. Puts bright smiles on our face
Many many more can be listed. Our time with our children is precious, so enjoy every moment you have together.

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