Darn Good Mother….And I Say So

Sitting here thinking of my role as a mother and the role of many other single mothers. We do a lot and many times we dont get the appreciation we so desire. Instead we recieve the opposite attention of our efforts. Well today I am doing something different than the usual…..pointing out some of the wonderful aspects and efforts us mothers engage in.

We accepted our responsibility as we endured the labor pains to bring our child/ren here
We put forth effort to care for our children despite other overwhelming pressures
We get up everyday to work to sure our child has their needs
We ensure our child/ren have three course meals
We endure work pressures because we have a human depending on us
We help with homework after a long day of work and/or school
We take off work and stay up late hours when our child is sick
We seek out assistance and resources to help us in trying times when we dont have it.                                                                                                            We attend to our child/ren emotional needs.                                                                                                                                                                                        We ensure food the kids have food even if we have to starve.                                                                                                                                                          We skip the excuses and get it (whatever your it may be) done.

We deserve the credit plus a spa day ;-)…..

I know I didn’t list it all, single mother community help me out. Comment with your experience, it your time to say it loud and proud.


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One thought on “Darn Good Mother….And I Say So

  1. We are the doctor, lawyer, mediator, spiritual guide, and everything in between. We hide some struggles so that they don’t worry and it affords them to have as normal of a childhood as their friends. We do whatever it takes to succeed. We are not looking for handouts just a hand up.


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