Darn Good Mother….And I Say So

Sitting here thinking of my role as a mother and the role of many other single mothers. We do a lot and many times we dont get the appreciation we so desire. Instead we recieve the opposite attention of our efforts. Well today I am doing something different than the usual…..pointing out some of the wonderful aspects and efforts us mothers engage in.

We accepted our responsibility as we endured the labor pains to bring our child/ren here
We put forth effort to care for our children despite other overwhelming pressures
We get up everyday to work to sure our child has their needs
We ensure our child/ren have three course meals
We endure work pressures because we have a human depending on us
We help with homework after a long day of work and/or school
We take off work and stay up late hours when our child is sick
We seek out assistance and resources to help us in trying times when we dont have it.                                                                                                            We attend to our child/ren emotional needs.                                                                                                                                                                                        We ensure food the kids have food even if we have to starve.                                                                                                                                                          We skip the excuses and get it (whatever your it may be) done.

We deserve the credit plus a spa day ;-)…..

I know I didn’t list it all, single mother community help me out. Comment with your experience, it your time to say it loud and proud.


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Together is Better

20150822_174033Oh how wonderful it is to have a child/ren! It just makes life better in every way. Your life goals become more alive and now you can fulfill those goals with a greater purpose! If that doesn’t lift your spirit and channel your focus…keep reading I am sure we’ll be on similar pages soon.

Children bring you into a whole new perspective of life. For us here at Ambitious Single Mother’s, Inc it has been, metaphorically speaking, our star at the top of our Christmas tree, our gravy to Turkey, our butter to our toast, our cheese to the macaroni…it has been awesome…we have someone who
1. Loves us just as we are
2. We can give all our love to
3. We can give and get all the hugs and kisses
4. We can enjoy lunch with
5. We can take to dinner
6. We can celebrate all year round
7. Celebrates us even when we don’t feel worthy
8. We care for unconditionally
9. We can teach about life
10. We are proud of
11. We put all our efforts into making sure needs are met
12. We nourish from birth into adulthood
13. We can spend the holidays with
14. We can wake up to every morning
15. Looks at us as advisers and problem solvers (the amazing part, about this is…sometimes we don’t have the answers, but then God helps us)
16. We take on vacation
17. Is part of the reason we work hard
18. We showcase to the world through pictures and a variety of social media platforms
19. Lights up our world of
20. Puts bright smiles on our face
Many many more can be listed. Our time with our children is precious, so enjoy every moment you have together.

It’s Achievable

We are all great people with great God given talents and gifts. It is to no wonder that we can achieve what we put our mind to. Have you ever felt compelled to jump and not no where you’ll land? Or better put, have you ever just wanted to “just do it” like Nike suggested? Well that is awesome and it improves you have a gift and/or talents to share with the world.

Why not spread your wings like an eagle and fly?

…I get it, the fear of the unknown is frightening or for a very few, the fear of success is scary.images

Guess what ASM totally understand, BUT….it’s very much achievable.

When counteracting thoughts lead you in the opposite direction of YOUR ordained destination, cancel them out. While canceling them out think about your little ones (or your big ones 🙂 future and how YOUR ARE THEIR ROLE MODEL. This process alone will help you understand your role as well as give you strength to do such a task! Allow your Savior coupled with your child/ren to strengthen you. This literally means allowing time to meditate, think and plan. How can I contribute to making life desirable and fulfilling for myself and my kids? What avenues must I travel to get there? How long (this can be a counterproductive thought…so this don’t matter, just get started!

There is a reason those thoughts of success came to your mind. There’s a reason the talent/gift was given to you. There’s a reason you were chosen to carry out such. God believed in you from the start…now believe in yourself, take the step and know IT IS ACHIEVABLE!


We are all inspired to make a difference in the world and that is great. We are all convinced that we have to be the energizing bunny. We are all motivated to see our dreams come true…and they will! I believe that and put a stamp on it 
Let’s take a moment to be honest with ourselves…For those who will admit some days we don’t feel like being so macho, so outgoing, so big…We just want to relax and let life be because we are tired and need a break (like this post if you can use a mini break)…I KNOW I CAN. And guess what you are entitled to that mini break. It will re-energize you, get your mind on track and basically have you feeling and looking great.
I know we have to be strong and an example for our kids and we can do that and more…when we feel better and are taking care of ourselves. Take notice of your body and do the necessary things needed to keep you feeling and looking good. As you get closer to your dreams, allow yourself that time to rejuvenate. I use to think that staying busy, making sure I dot every i and cross every t, that, that was the way to going about it, oh how I was wrong. I have realized that “breaks” are good for you…in more ways than one. Incorporate breaks into your routine and watch how “more effective” you are in your endeavors. Know that God will ensure the plans for your life will still carry out.

Step by Step

110So i am here thinking about my child during the stages she was learning how to walk. I remember she would crawl…stop then attempt stand. As time progress she gained confidence and was able to maintain a stand. I was proud, she was proud and I could see it in her little “stand dance”. Time began to move along and before I knew it, she was taking a step. Excited as a mom because my baby is reaching her growth milestone…God thank you. One of the best points to this message is, although she wasn’t walking like a pro, she continued to improve EVERY CHANCE SHE WAS GIVEN. That’s similar to how we must act concerning our life and goals. Everything will not be perfect in the beginning. Every puzzle piece may not fit. And every attempt mat not fall threw but we must continue to take ALL OUR STEPS. I’m letting you know today, that every step you take and every effort you put towards your dream, if you don’t give up, you will achieve it. The bible states that “I can do all things through Christ”, which mean He has and will continue to empower us to do as He has destined us to do. So start your day knowing that you are empowered, by God, to achieve high. Where ever you find yourself, just start and for many of us continue to take those steps, your desired outcome is near.

As You Approach the Finish Line



These last past weeks have been pretty heavily loaded…but I’m thankful i lived to this moment to share it. From school, to work, to family I have been tied in a triple knot. It just seem like once I got one thing off my plate another thing was added. Every where I turn, seem like something is occupying my time…and to be honest “I’m tired”! And yes we are entitled to be tired…with our ambitious selves 🙂 We work hard and we would be fooling ourselves if we didn’t accept that we can get tired. The magic to it all is “continuing to move forward” after your relaxation and rejuvenation period.

With all that has happened and all that is going on, please know “this is a signal” that you are closer to the finish line than you imagined. Life tends to have a tight grip on you when you are months or even weeks away from “that goal” you have been working so hard to accomplish. This is normal. Boldly taking a stance and facing life challenges places you in an extraordinary group. A rare group of people who DECIDED success is my outcome.

You are doing awesome, keep it positive and smile because you are approaching your finish line.

A Thankful Spirit…


Hello everyone and thank you for following. Today i want to briefly talk about being thankful, how it has changed my life and to share some tips.

To begin i just want to thank everyone who has taken time out their busy day to visit my blog. I truly appreciate it. If my writing have inspired your life please feel free to pass on the info to another person. I look forward to inspring and making a difference in people life because it has positive physical internal benefits and I feel everyone needs encouraging at some point. With that said thank you for your consistent support.

Just the other day I was thinking about how blessed and highly favored I am and I stopped. . . .to thank God. Thanking Him for keeping my mom safe and energized. My mom walk is not as steady as it use to be, but God has proven to be the author of her strength and duration. Thanking Him for my family and the times we share. . . .the laughs and fun times continuously playback in my mind. Thanking Him for the gift of life and activity of my limbs. This is crucial to me because I’m grateful to take advantage of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit continuously brings my attention to my surroundings and the people in it, which helps me to praise God for all He has done for me and for all He has shielded me and family from. I’m probably not the first to say this but all blessings from God isn’t monetary. To be able to spent time with family. . .that’s a blessing, to be able to make s difference in someone life. . .that’s my personal blessing. I know life can throw curve balls, which may have some people hindered, but I am glad God has allowed me to pick up the pieces of my own life, which enables me to successfully help another person do the same. One of my goals is to be able to uplift someone after a terrible downward spiraling situation. . .not to receive accolades, but to help change a person perspective about themselves and for them to continue to move forward in life.

So if there’s anyone who would like some advice or anyone know someone who can benefit from some encouraging words or maybe someone who just require a listening ear, please feel free email ASM at ambitioussinglemothers@gmail.com or comment below.

I pray all is well with everyone. Have a great start to 2016. Until next time be blessed!