It’s Achievable

We are all great people with great God given talents and gifts. It is to no wonder that we can achieve what we put our mind to. Have you ever felt compelled to jump and not no where you’ll land? Or better put, have you ever just wanted to “just do it” like Nike suggested? Well that is awesome and it improves you have a gift and/or talents to share with the world.

Why not spread your wings like an eagle and fly?

…I get it, the fear of the unknown is frightening or for a very few, the fear of success is scary.images

Guess what ASM totally understand, BUT….it’s very much achievable.

When counteracting thoughts lead you in the opposite direction of YOUR ordained destination, cancel them out. While canceling them out think about your little ones (or your big ones 🙂 future and how YOUR ARE THEIR ROLE MODEL. This process alone will help you understand your role as well as give you strength to do such a task! Allow your Savior coupled with your child/ren to strengthen you. This literally means allowing time to meditate, think and plan. How can I contribute to making life desirable and fulfilling for myself and my kids? What avenues must I travel to get there? How long (this can be a counterproductive thought…so this don’t matter, just get started!

There is a reason those thoughts of success came to your mind. There’s a reason the talent/gift was given to you. There’s a reason you were chosen to carry out such. God believed in you from the start…now believe in yourself, take the step and know IT IS ACHIEVABLE!


We are all inspired to make a difference in the world and that is great. We are all convinced that we have to be the energizing bunny. We are all motivated to see our dreams come true…and they will! I believe that and put a stamp on it 
Let’s take a moment to be honest with ourselves…For those who will admit some days we don’t feel like being so macho, so outgoing, so big…We just want to relax and let life be because we are tired and need a break (like this post if you can use a mini break)…I KNOW I CAN. And guess what you are entitled to that mini break. It will re-energize you, get your mind on track and basically have you feeling and looking great.
I know we have to be strong and an example for our kids and we can do that and more…when we feel better and are taking care of ourselves. Take notice of your body and do the necessary things needed to keep you feeling and looking good. As you get closer to your dreams, allow yourself that time to rejuvenate. I use to think that staying busy, making sure I dot every i and cross every t, that, that was the way to going about it, oh how I was wrong. I have realized that “breaks” are good for you…in more ways than one. Incorporate breaks into your routine and watch how “more effective” you are in your endeavors. Know that God will ensure the plans for your life will still carry out.

More Than Enough




Hey everyone. I hope all has been well, just complete my first semester of grad school. I think it went pretty well. It was a lot of work for a person with 2 job, a child and an emerging business. But I believe things worked out well. Just a briefly update since my M.I.A.

So I am sitting here waiting to pick my daughter up from school and a group of older (than my daughter) walks pass my car. It’s about three of them and they are having a nice conversation. I was listening enough to hear them but not ear hustling at all. Any who, one of the girls said “can you believe it, my parents only gave me 1 gig of data, they are mean”. When I heard this I was more than shocked I was “super shocked”. While shocked, i was looking at the little girl from head to toe, why? Her clothes were clean and decent, her shoes were nice not running over overall she looked well taken care. One of my thoughts were what will it take for children of this generation to be grateful and satisfied with what they DO HAVE? Clearly this child had everything a child living in a shelter could want and dream of: decent clothes and shoes and on top of that a cell phone.

I just want to throw something in the air: are we giving our children to much material things? Are we teaching our children how grateful they are to have ALL THEY HAVE? It is very understandable and ok for a child to understand that although they dont have everything a TV star child has they still have more than a lot of children. Our children have to be must understand we parents work hard to give them the things they needs while providing any of the things they want. Our children must learn to appreciate all that is afforded to them and how it is they recieved it.

Let’s make it our duties as parents to help our children be grateful for everything they have. It is also important for us to inform our children to be thankful to God the blessings He gives. Some are less fortunate than others and don’t have what we are fortunate to have and it is good for kids to understand that.

This season let’s make a commitment to sow into someone life, creating memories of happiness and joy in their heart. Allowing the children to participate will place them in the spirit of giving. Our children will also experience the joy of making someone happy just as they like to be happy.

Managing Your Emotions

imagesSo I was having a conversation with a client and she mentioned she was angry. Then she goes on to further say…You can’t help me with me with everything. So I explained to her that she can’t tell another what they are not capable of doing or not doing, in reference to helying her. I then suggested that she share her concerns. As she shared, i actively listened to understand the hidden hurt.

Many times we find ourselves dismissing alternative solutions that we never tried and/or don’t now if it can actually work. Which bring me to my first point:
*Try something new- keyword “try” it doesn’t hurt to try…trying helping you learn what you are capable of accomplishing. And another thing to note is just because you tried it once before and it didn’t work doesn’t mean you will get the same result….the knowledge gained between the first time and the second is greater, which puts you at a better chance of accomplishing “it”

My client was saying “oh this would not work” but when I asked her if she tried it the anewer was no.  

*Ask Yourself- ask yourself in what ways will this anger benefit me, or my family or my closest friends. No benefits = no time of my day. Remember as mother we are the ones holding down our fort and we need energy to that.

*Take a Step…Take a Breath- how do they say it….WOO -SAH and realize what is trying to anger you is really trying to rob you of life. Reverse those emotions by understanding 1. Life happen whether it’s on your terms or not, which mean you have to accept the good as well as the bad (not allow the bad to overtake you)  2. Focus on the big picture (i.e. that may be your child, your new job, your peace of mind and body)

*Reach Out- to someone, to your God, to your support group…such avenues have the ability to help you see through a different lens and to uplift you.

In managing our (I’m not exempt) emotions we must incorporate positivity to help bring us through the rough moments. I’ve learned to keep pushing, pass the hurt, because there’s a bigger goal…a bigger goal than the moment I am in. I’ve also learned “what affects me, affects my child”, so straighten up is what I would tell myself (positive self-talk goes a long way).


If you ever find yourself needing to be uplifted, ASM is here. Send us a email: Visit our Blog: or our Vlog: https//

It Can Be Useful…

Have you ever found yourself needing a resource (of any kind) that wasn’t readily available to you? Resources such as childcare, summer care, discount amusement park tickets, rental or housing needs. Whatsoever the resource was or is…it just wasn’t available to you when you needed it…

Here at ASM we have learned a lot through the stages of motherhood and we still are learning as time goes on. In our learning, we grasped to never let anything slip away from you. This means grabbing any and all written literature, brochures and or flyer. Many times we may pass by certain information because we believe we don’t need it, but in actuality it can be useful later on. These resources can be found in libraries, grocery receipts, childcare center, newspaper and even your child/ren school. These printed resources can help you research & locate ideas and point you in the direction of things you are looking for. It is also sometimes helpful to ask the parents within the facility your child attends; they too may have vital information. We also find it helpful to have on a listening ear at all times because people can bring about information and resources as they talk near and around you, such as the radio. You are encouraged to utilize all the tools you have, to obtain everything you may need. Most times things can be used, it will inquire your creative mind which will make things work for you when others don’t see it your way.

Keeping it Positive…

Many times as a single mother, we encounter so many things and the inside of us are crying out for help. Many times we long for someone to just recognize all that we do then say “I see your efforts…. keep up the awesome work or at least offer to sit with the kids while we relax. You are not alone so many single mothers go through this everyday, but we must realize the God knows our struggle and has great plans for our lives. It is easy to focus on the negative, but how about switching that focus to positive. I often find myself thanking God for the awesome hurdles He has seen me through because it was only by His grace that I made it.

Know that it is ok and that I understand. Also understand that things and situations could be worst off. A couple of years ago, we I seen my physician, they explain to me the issue and what it could’ve been….from that day I made a conscience decision to change my actions to ensure life afterwards would be much better off. As I drove home, God began to talk to me, letting me know things could have been worst. I thanked Him because the issue was caught before it developed to a persistent disease and for Him caring for me when I wasn’t thinking the right way.

Another way we have to keep life positive is by being content where we are and having faith that greater is in store for you and your child. God wants us to believe in Him that He will carry out every promise made to us. Just think…..research says “we must drink nine cups of water a day”. This seems simple but it goes to show you that even though we don’t get that amount God is continuously keeping us…in spite of. .

In summation, keep your thoughts positive, have faith and know your best has yet to come. God sees your struggle and will bless you accordingly. Prayer helps and allows God to know your struggle, meditation and yoga are awesome. Take that time to yourself and enjoy it. Remember, remember KEEP IT POSITIVE!

The Joy of Being a Parent…

Being a parent is the best gift given by God. It starts with the bonding stage with the child as the mother carries the child through the nine months until birth and on to making loving and fun memories. Children are a true blessing from our Father, God. Just take a moment to think… has the child/ren helped enhance the person you are, in what situation has the child helped change your perspective, when you look back where or what would you being doing had God not placed these children in your care? For many God has placed a child in their care and has helped them grow into the strong woman you see today, children helps us focus more on a healthy and active lifestyle, children show us how to love beyond the common mistakes. I am proud to say that being a parent has been the most exciting joy of my life. We all have our moments but honestly those moments go quickly because we realize we don’t have time to lose focus while our child is depending on us. Being a parent means more laughs and enjoyable moment; from park days, picture perfect moment to tucking them in at night. Year after year you notice the growth of your child and confidently say my child listens and respects the teaching of her mom. Also as a parent, we get all the kisses and hugs from our little ones….and those kisses and hugs are the best. There is so much to enjoy about being a parent that it pushes down the issues we encounter.

Enjoy your blessing and watch the world opportunity flourish beyond your imagination.

Reducing the Stress…

It has been laid on my spirit to create this page. As a mother, I am aware of the load we have, which can become overwhelming at time. I don’t believe a mother intentional overloads herself, could be that we want things to right and perfect. This is all good, but we must learn to effectively manage our loads to continue to care for and raise our children. Below I have listed a few techniques to help us all reduce our stress and lead healthier lives.


1. Think About Self – From research we found many moms struggles with this. We always thinking of how make things right for everyone but ourselves. When we do this, we are drained almost instantly. Why? Because we are putting more out and not filling our mental, physical or emotional needs. In order for us to care for children and families we must make sure we are replenishing our needs as they are used.

2. Learn to Say “NO” – This is a good one, if I might add. Why? Because something we want to do it all and show others that we can. When we learn say no, we take back the control of our life and have more time for self (and family). In implementing this technique, know that it may seem hard but practicing makes perfect. It’s not to be mean, it’s for you to reduce your stress levels and have control over your life.

3. Practice Mini Relaxations – This technique requires awareness of self. Know when you are overloading yourself, know when it’s time for a break, know when your body is begging for rest. You can start off by recognizing your breathing pattern and controlling it. Subconsciously we sometimes don’t recognize our breathing. You may also want to incorporate a peaceful visual story in your mind. This will help take all things off your mind and relax your body.

4. Find Humor In The Little Things – Personally this is a favorite. Laughter is good for the soul! Life is short and knowing that we must look for humor and take advantage of it. I encourage you to find what makes you laugh and be entertained to the max.

5. Take a Walk / Exercise – This is a great way to reduce stress because it allows you to focus on your health, your abilities and the scenery. If you choose, find a partner to join you.

6. Count Your Blessings – Showing God you are grateful opens other opportunities for you to be blessed. Being thankful for…. food on your table, a loving family, a home to sleep, hearing your baby cry or even hear your child talk to you, having arms to hold and hug your child, they are all blessings. While such list may fit most, find your blessings and count them . We are all blessed and highly favor!

I pray these techniques find you well. Remember that in order for us to care of other we must start with self, replenishing what we put out. Stay stress free….on purpose 🙂

You Are Not Alone…

Have you ever wonder how you will work, further your education, keep an exercise routine while trying to properly take care of your child/ren?

If your answer is yes…..know that you “are not alone”. Many mothers have thought of these things, crying out for help. I can also relate and I know it is not easy, but I do know that God helped me through everyone of my situations. With so much on plate, I encourage you not to give up, keep pushing, God sees it and will rescue you…..if you let Him. Make a decision today that no matter what you face you will not give up on your child and you will not give up on yourself! Continue the race because I know you are destined to be great, fulfilling your life purpose.

I also encourage you to take advantage of all the resources available to you. Browse the newspapers, search the information board at your childcare center/schools and local grocery stores, attend a parent/child workshop just to name a few. The information is available to you, please use what is around you. If you are unable to find what you are looking, shoot us an email ( and we will assist you in the best way possible, two heads are better than one. 🙂

Know that ASM understands your struggle and knows what you feel. ASM will help as much as possible, keep your head up!