Let’s Relate…

Its Achievable

We are all great people with great God given talents and gifts. It is to no wonder that we can achieve what we put our mind to. Have you ever felt compelled to jump and not no where you’ll land? Or better put, have you ever just wanted to “just do it” like Nike suggested? Well that is awesome and it improves you have a gift and/or talents to share with the world.

Why not spread your wings like an eagle and fly?

…I get it, the fear of the unknown is frightening or for a very few, the fear of success is scary.images

Guess what ASM totally understand, BUT….it’s very much achievable.

When counteracting thoughts lead you in the opposite direction of YOUR ordained destination, cancel them out. While canceling them out think about your little ones (or your big ones 🙂 future and how YOUR ARE THEIR ROLE MODEL. This process alone will help you understand your role as well as give you strength to do such a task! Allow your Savior coupled with your child/ren to strengthen you. This literally means allowing time to meditate, think and plan. How can I contribute to making life desirable and fulfilling for myself and my kids? What avenues must I travel to get there? How long (this can be a counterproductive thought…so this don’t matter, just get started!

There is a reason those thoughts of success came to your mind. There’s a reason the talent/gift was given to you. There’s a reason you were chosen to carry out such. God believed in you from the start…now believe in yourself, take the step and know IT IS ACHIEVABLE!





We are all inspired to make a difference in the world and that is great. We are all convinced that we have to be the energizing bunny. We are all motivated to see our dreams come true…and they will! I believe that and put a stamp on it 
Let’s take a moment to be honest with ourselves…For those who will admit some days we don’t feel like being so macho, so outgoing, so big…We just want to relax and let life be because we are tired and need a break (like this post if you can use a mini break)…I KNOW I CAN. And guess what you are entitled to that mini break. It will re-energize you, get your mind on track and basically have you feeling and looking great.
I know we have to be strong and an example for our kids and we can do that and more…when we feel better and are taking care of ourselves. Take notice of your body and do the necessary things needed to keep you feeling and looking good. As you get closer to your dreams, allow yourself that time to rejuvenate. I use to think that staying busy, making sure I dot every i and cross every t, that, that was the way to going about it, oh how I was wrong. I have realized that “breaks” are good for you…in more ways than one. Incorporate breaks into your routine and watch how “more effective” you are in your endeavors. Know that God will ensure the plans for your life will still carry out.



So as we know, school will be up and running in no time. Many children are excited and parents are rejoicing too :~). Many kids had on their mind their first day of school outfit, whose class they will be in and the awesome new friendships they will form etc.


Some children have the opportunity to have options of how they will get to school; school bus, walk with friends or parents driving them. While these options are amongst most households other scary thoughts arise as well.


Now my love angel will be starting her first year in public school and to be quite honest…….I’m a bit frightened. Now some may think, what could bother the parent of this transition if the child is super excited. Well…..you see, my love angel has the options of catching the schoolbus or being dropped off, uh…..walking is not an option to young. The scary part is allowing her to catch the schoolbus. Scary because i am unsure of how she would adapt to it plus I don’t want her to feel alone if a problem arise and not have me to rescue her. She is the only child, grandchild, and niece, so loosen the grip is very hard. I know that loosening the grip a bit will help her sprout as a beautiful person she is. I also believe riding the bus will allow her space to further grow and develop.


The decision to be made is a difficult one. If you were face with this same decision what might do you? What would be your thought process? I would love to hear from you




Now there has been a lot of talk about how women use the child support they recieve. Some men think they shouldn’t have to pay as much as they are required to pay. Others believe most of the monies are being used to support the mother….more than the child. Are many of these views accurate or is someone being selfish? And if someone is being selfish……who might it be?


Men standpoint:

Many seem to not approve of the amount they are paying because they feel the mother is using it for themselves. Or some may think that why can’t I just buy my child/ren what they need? Other say that maybe their finances are not in a good place and rather not pay because of it. While some of this may hold true others don’t.


When we add research to the picture we see that it cost a lost to raise a child. From childcare to clothing/shoes to extracurricular activities (which many times attire is needed) just naming a few. Not only are those things expensive, but the list is ongoing. Now to go a bit deeper we start to look at schools the our child attends, transportation cost and lost time from work for illnesses or an inability to find a sitter to work.


All must be factored in when we speak of where child support in going. For example, you have a single mother, do her best to raise her child with a job that may not be paying her the best, but still it’s help put food on the table and nice clothes on the child back. Arrangements have been made with the dad for the child/ren to be with him on certain days. It is very understandable that things come up, but who must be the one to adjust their schedule? Should it be the mom always or the dad and a even split down the middle?


It would be great if it was an even split but realistically “we moms knows it is always us”. Now ASM doesn’t bash men or put them down, we encourage the mother community to strive beyond the mishaps of raising child on their own. So with the mom having to readjust her schedule now that the kids were not able to go, how will she make up for the time lost at work? Can she do overtime when it’s offered knowing the sitter is only available to a certain time? Or will she just have to cut her loses?


At this moment and many others like emergency doctor appointments, unscheduled sick days, late night cries that lead to feeling exhausted, is when support matter. Not only financial support, but emotional. Some days can be draining and other not so bad.


ASM encouraged mother to stay uplifted and know within your heart you are doing what’s necessary, with the provided funds, to care for the child God has blessed you with. Keep your head high, don’t give up on your dreams and keep pushing to be the best role model your kids could have or want!





So i have been thinking about single motherhood and everything that comes along with it. From not having the support needed to wishing we didn’t have to leave our little one to work. Yeah, work is needed but if we had it our way, some of us would prefer working from home or even the ability to take our child along to work. When we speak of a lack of support, the range is different for each of us. One may face not being able to earn extra cash because there’s no one to pick up or watch their child for that time. Any who, we all could probably list a million and one “not so right” things in our life but let’s take a time out from that. After all our children are watching how we handle situations and problems…let them view something different.


So although things are not like we desire, we must adjust the lens a bit and actually take notice of things we are over looking that is not so bad:

1. Kid/s are doing exceptionally well in school

2. You are working

3. You are going to school

4. You are looking for better opportunities for you and the family

5. You have chose to accept the job until something better comes along

6. We are making certain our child/ren has a meal to eat every day and throughout the day



Small or big, we have to appreciate our journey and efforts. God puts no more on us than we can bear, so know if you have it on you, God knew you could handle it!


I’m personally grateful I am able to see my child off to school and pick her up from school everyday. I’m grateful she is happy at her new school and making friends. Most of all I’m grateful because EVERYDAY I pick her up she has the biggest smile on her face! That lights up my heart.


Share with us your joys of motherhood single and how you are grateful, we will love to hear from you.




Being a parent is the best gift given by God. It starts with the bonding stage with the child as the mother carries the child through the nine months until birth and on to making loving and fun memories. Children are a true blessing from our Father, God. Just take a moment to think…..how has the child/ren helped enhance the person you are, in what situation has the child helped change your perspective, when you look back where or what would you being doing had God not placed these children in your care? For many God has placed a child in their care and has helped them grow into the strong woman you see today, children helps us focus more on a healthy and active lifestyle, children show us how to love beyond the common mistakes. I am proud to say that being a parent has been the most exciting joy of my life. We all have our moments but honestly those moments go quickly because we realize we don’t have time to lose focus while our child is depending on us. Being a parent means more laughs and enjoyable moment; from park days, picture perfect moment to tucking them in at night. Year after year you notice the growth of your child and confidently say my child listens and respects the teaching of her mom. Also as a parent, we get all the kisses and hugs from our little ones….and those kisses and hugs are the best. There is so much to enjoy about being a parent that it pushes down the issues we encounter.

Enjoy your blessing and watch the world opportunity flourish beyond your imagination.



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